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Spiritual Excellence in Human

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What is spiritual excellence? – its nature, scope and potency? Normally, the coveted aim before an earnest spiritual seeker is to know the Supreme Truth himself, to actualize it as a personal living experience, and thereby to become ‘fulfilled’. The path followed is essentially of self-absorption and withdrawal from world involvements to transcend the dwandwaas (dualities) posed by the mind and to reach a state of oneness of vision and experience.


Who is a Leader?

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Who is a Leader?- A leader is one who is able to lead the minds and intellects of the others around. If he thinks that he can lead by order and command, he is grossly mistaken. It will never work. Understand that everyone is directed by the mind, and the mind is directed by the intelligence.


State of Supreme Freedom- Yoga

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Yoga is the stable and un-flickering nature of our very intelligence. It is when our inner personality is so unshakable that it will not be dislodged by any kind of input from the world. We must evolve from our limited, constricted “well-dimensional” mind, to that of a “sea-dimensional” mind. Every situation has a fulfilling role, and must be faced with neither fear nor reluctance.


Achieve peace and composure in the mind

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Be associated with the satsang. There are good people here. You can interact with them, listen to good things, understand good things and no body will put you into trouble. Let your mind delight in the present memory, in the present scope, in the present interaction. This is the way of setting right your aggrieved mind.


The Power Within

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The mind has got great power. Mind is the instrument by which you access the invisible Supreme Reality. You cannot access it with your eyes or your body. With the mind alone you can commune with the invisible, because the mind itself is resting on the invisible Self.