Yoga Buddhi

September 29, 2020 | Global Gita | Blog

In this enlightening address, Swami Nirviseshananda ji discusses ‘Yoga Buddhi’ which is given a very high pedestal in Bhagavad Gita. He categorically states, “You have to take recourse to ‘Yoga Buddhi’ if you want to transform all activities into Sadhana”.

Our senses are always attracted or repelled by objects of the world. Generally, the senses are slaves to the desires. Following the senses, the mind also becomes a slave to the objects of desire. And, following the mind, the intelligence too becomes a slave to the world. This slavery continues unabated.

Swamiji says, “To reverse this sequence, you have to anchor the Buddhi in the awareness of the Soul. Then this Yoga Buddhi (buddhi guided by the Soul) will be able to lead the mind and senses on the right path. Then, overcoming slavery to world situations, you will become master of yourself, master of the world! You will be free!”

Sri Krishna says,

दूरेण ह्यवरं कर्म बुद्धियोगाद्धनञ्जय |

बुद्धौ शरणमन्विच्छ कृपणाः फलहेतवः|| (2.49)

Arjuna, the usual course of activity, which fixes your attention on the fleeting external results alone, is far inferior to Buddhi Yoga, wherein the intelligence preserves evenness. Seek refuge under Yoga Buddhi. Those clinging to objective results are miserly. (They lose the benefit of inner enrichment and lasting fulfilment).

The question is, how to actualize this prescription of Bhagavad Gita?

In meditation, the whole being remains immersed in the Soul. To make the sadhana constant in all conditions, you have to bring in the Soul dimension in all interactions and activities too.

Quoting the Shloka इन्द्रियाणि पराण्याहुः … (3.42), Swamiji explained the hierarchy of the senses, mind and intelligence.

We have to first extract the buddhi from the slavery. Then the Buddhi will give the right direction to the mind which in turn will guide the senses rightly. The whole process will become natural and spontaneous once you have the anchorage of the buddhi in the Soul. 

By constant introspection (Vichara), the Buddhi has to be purified by winning over Kama (desires). While interacting, you have to be aware of the impersonal, unaffected, infinite, non-selfish, all-embracing nature of the Soul. This understanding and awareness of the Soul dimensions will be the beacon light in all interactions. 

The goal of the meditative and the interactive state should become the same. If the mind and buddhi are anchored in the Self in the interactive state, the same mind will get absorbed into meditation effortlessly. Whereas if the mind is scattered throughout the day, it would be difficult to get immersed in meditation.

So, the focus here is on the transformation of one’s personality. It is important to note that since all activities are to be converted into Sadhana throughout the day, no special time needs to be allocated for this sadhana.

In conclusion Swamiji emphasizes, “Take to Buddhi Yoga. Anchor your buddhi in the awareness of the inmost Soul and cultivate the Soul dimensions in your mind and emotion.”