Equanimity – The Key To Yoga

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Coming back from Jamshedpur, I wrote to Swamiji: “Like all the previous years, your holy association has been very enriching. This time it has given a significant turn to my sadhana. For long I was strongly obsessed by the thoughts that I had to progress in sadhana as quickly as possible, I had to read many shastras as fast as I could, etc.


Yoga Buddhi

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“Take to Buddhi Yoga. Anchor your buddhi in the awareness of the inmost Soul and cultivate the Soul dimensions in your mind and emotion.”
Our senses are always attracted or repelled by objects of the world. Generally, the senses are slaves to the desires. Following the senses, the mind also becomes a slave to the objects of desire. And, following the mind, the intelligence too becomes a slave to the world. This slavery continues unabated.
Swamiji says, “To reverse this sequence, you have to anchor the Buddhi in the awareness of the Soul.